Asyaf Investments Company acquires 100% ownership of the Real Burger Restaurant Chain

Asyaf Investments Company and the Real Business Company Fast Food, which owns the Real Burger chain of restaurants, announces the acquisition of the “Asyaf Private Equity Fund (3)” managed by Asyaf Investments Company, on the ownership of all the shares of the Real Burger restaurant chain.

The Real Burger chain of restaurants is one of the most famous restaurants specialized in serving burgers and fast food in the city of Riyadh, in addition to the various cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Real Burger restaurant was established in its first branch in Riyadh by passionate Saudi youth to mark the beginning of a journey of success, and by the end of 2022, the Real Burger chain of restaurants has more than 25 branches in various cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Aiman bin Khaled Al-Atiqi, Managing Director and CEO of Asyaf Investments Company, commented: The opportunity to invest in the Real Burger restaurant chain is distinct and complementary to the plans of Asyaf Investments Company to create a large entity in the field of providing burgers and fast food in a short period and through the acquisition and merger of the company. Multiple in the same field, and it is also a distinctive addition to our clients who are shareholders in the “Asyaf Private Equity Fund (3)” and the owner of the Tom Tom food chain. Mr. Aiman Al-Atiqi added: (Asyaf Company is looking forward to increasing the number of companies that it will acquire during the next few months to target offering them in the Saudi parallel market (Nomu) after two years or less, God willing).

Eng. Mohammed Ahmed Al-Shaya, CEO of the Real Business Company for fast food, commented on the signing ceremony of the deal today by saying: (We, in the Real Business Company, are pleased to announce the news of the acquisition by the most important leading investment funds in the Saudi market, which is the Asyaf Investments Company, represented by a distinguished team. With extensive experience, he follows clear operational plans and a highly professional investment methodology, as we believe that this acquisition will reflect positively on Real Burger restaurants and the rapid growth of the company and achieve continuity for it to obtain large market shares in the Saudi market with all its merits and looks forward to meeting the renewable requirements of our customers by all standards required quality).

And he added, saying: (We will rely in developing the Real Burger restaurant chain on the most important goals of the company, which is developing the restaurant chain to provide all services professionally, reflecting the confidence of customers, which is of paramount importance to Asyaf and Real Burger restaurants through the development of marketing, operational, financial and technical plans, which will reflect positively on The company’s financial and operational performance.

About Asyaf Investments Company

Asyaf Investments is a leading Saudi company in the field of managing investments in private markets, and it relies on a unique business model that aims to provide its clients with investment opportunities in multiple asset classes, including private equity, venture capital, private debt instruments, and real assets.

Asyaf Investments Company is a closed Saudi joint stock company registered according to the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its head office is located in the city of Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Asyaf Investments Company obtained a license from the Capital Market Authority to practice the activity of managing and operating investment funds, managing investor portfolios, arranging merger and acquisition deals, and providing advisory services in securities business. And that is according to License No. 32 – 20213 issued based on the decision of the Capital Market Authority Board on 9/14/2020 AD.

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