Investment strategy

We always make investments in countries with Islamic populations (especially members of the Islamic development organization) that are appropriate to their stage of development. In less developed member countries, we focus on building the basics of competitiveness and improving the regulatory environment. However, in more developed countries, we focus on enhancing private sector markets by increasing business sophistication.

We target businesses with the following characteristics:


We invest in different forms and cases in private companies, such as buyouts, distressed assets, greenfield, or/and turnaround cases. These will be either privately owned, corporate divestitures, public-to-private transactions, or/and bankruptcies.


Invest in the agriculture and food sector where we will target strong brand names established in the local market and ready to expand to the neighboring countries and also GCC (mainly Saudi).


Our preference is to invest in companies where we have control through majority ownership. To ensure positioning itself as the lead investor on transactions with control or joint control stakes in the majority of its deals.


Implementing a theme-led approach with a thorough evaluation of economic drivers and industry fundamentals.


Significant hands-on involvement in portfolio companies, leveraging its Value Add capability to optimize the financial and operational performance of its investment companies.


Companies that are undervalued, underperforming, or in need of operational improvement.