Private Investment Funds

Private Investment fund includes a range of securities to choose from according to the principles and criteria specific check the investment objectives of the Fund, in addition to achieving the benefit of diversification for the investor fund, which lowers the overall risk level of investment.

Asyaf offer setting a wide range of specialized private investments fund:

Private Investments in Public Equities (PIPES)

Asyaf will be able to set up a dedicated private investments fund toward raising private sophisticated investors capital to invest in a publicly traded company.

Corporate Venture Capital (CVC)

Asyaf will be able to set up a dedicated corporate or multi-corporate venture capital fund to invest in venture capital opportunities tailored for our corporate clients which meet their strategic corporate objectives.

Venture Builder Fund (VB)

We provide corporates and government institutions and family groups the option to set up a Venture Builder Fund, which is a startup builder that focuses on creating and developing technology companies.

Mezzanine Fund

A private investment fund that offers a unique financing option to Saudi companies in the form of subordinated debt or preferred equity instrument that represents a claim on a company’s assets.

Search Fund

Is a private investment vehicle through which an corporate, family group, entrepreneur or, manager raises funds from investors through Asyaf to acquire a target company.